Our Story

The Beginning

The creative power behind Brooklyn Bleu comes from its owner, Tenisha.

Brooklyn Bleu began to sprout in Berkeley, CA, when six-year-old Tenisha was cleaning her grandmother's jewelry.

Tenisha's entrepreneurial spirit caught on fire in elementary school, when hosting weekend rummage sales selling jewelry in her grandmother's front yard with her twin sister, and knocking door-to-door aiming to sell the most candy to raise money. 

For the next decade, she was discovered and became a FUBU model traveling throughout Europe, before returning to her entrepreneurial roots creating a custom jeans brand with her college friend, and later a belt accessories label, Girlfrienz, with her twin sister.  After graduating from UCLA, Tenisha moved to New York City and worked with philanthropic community based organizations.

Brooklyn Bleu

In 2010, Brooklyn Bleu was founded to honor the beautiful things Tenisha had collected over the years and to her passion for vintage, accessories and fashion. 

Over the past ten years, the commitment to curate a collection of timeless and covet-worthy vintage jewelry and accessories that can complement your style and stand the test of time and fashion trends, has built the incredible collections available at Brooklyn Bleu - both online and in-store at the Oculus at the World Trade Center.

"We meet so many amazing individuals from all over the world. Therefore I created Brooklyn Bleu to celebrate the fierce, fabulous and fun sides of world culture and different lifestyles, inspired by the style, craftsmanship and history that comes with owning vintage jewelry, fashion and accessories."
- Tenisha

Our brand speaks to a diverse customer, suitable for all genders, and pays tribute to Tenisha’s individuality, keen eye for quality and passion for celebrating things of the past through vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories.

Are you ready to bring out the fierce, fabulous and fun inner queens in you?