1950s Turquoise Dream Brooch
  • $ 158.00
1970s S-Curl Rhodium Hoops
  • $ 68.00
Vintage 1970s Spiral Rhodium Plated Bracelet
  • $ 68.00
Large Rhodium Sleek Matte Hoops
  • $ 45.00

1950s Collection

Vintage pieces that never lose their luster.

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1960s Collection

Rock it, no filter. All hail the queen vibes.

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Stackable Drip

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Statement Earrings

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1990s Chanel Door Knocker Clip Earrings
  • $ 1,585.00
Amber Rose 1990s Frosted Gold Clips
  • $ 96.00
The Donatellas
  • $ 268.00


Brooklyn Bleu is a phenomenal store ran by one amazing woman. The jewelry is extraordinary, stylish, and unique!! You will NOT find quality jewelry like this anywhere else!

Sheriese B.

The selection of beautiful, one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry is INCREDIBLE! Wanna grab some adorable 70s earrings for under $30? Brooklyn Bleu. Wanna find unique vintage Chanel? Brooklyn Bleu.

Lindsay M.

Brooklyn Bleu has exquisite pieces of jewelry If you are looking for a one of a kind piece, you can find it there. The prices are reasonable and we were able to find several pieces on our first visit. 

Joseph J.

Every time I'm in NY, I make it a point to stop in and see what new finds are available. I know the pieces that I've purchased are timeless and money well spent! Love this place!

Mo W.

BK Bleu's curated collections and store locations tell fly vintage stories that most stores don't in NYC. Most importantly, Tenisha and team are friendly, fun, warm, and share the best style.Top notch.

Michi C.

The owner has her finger on the pulse of fashion and can make vintage "new" again. Her passion and style transmits throughout the store and her energy is infectious!

Sadia S.